Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby decides not to nap...life takes an interesting turn

Peyton has had a rough few months. Sick most of February. Teething those big molar teeth the little ones get near two. It sucks. Now she is in the middle of another fever, possibly teething and now deciding to take 30 minute naps. Oh, and she has been falling asleep at 8pm. Waking at 9pm and crying for several hours, while we take turns rocking her. Until she wears us out and we let her cry. Then she falls asleep about 1130. Did I say that I need a nap yet? Because I really do.

Somewhere in all of this I am supposed to lose these last 10 lbs from having this gorgeous baby who is now almost two. Decrease my sugar intake. Decrease my coffee intake. Increase my workouts. Decrease my fat intake (well bad fats not good fats...whatever), decrease my wrinkles, increase my skins luminosity, decrease my cellulite, increase my energy, decrease my salt, increase my sex drive and raise my kids in a green, clean environment with nothing but berries nuts and bark to eat all day (that I have dug for myself in our very own nut berry barley garden) that uses compost from our kitchen while making playdough from scratch and teaching them good manners and how to make a homemade kite.

Think I'll go finish the rest of those Trader Joe's Vermont Maple Cookies and go take a nap.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why I dislike the cocks..this is serious business people

So lots of folks dislike teams for one reason or another.  I cannot stand the gaytors, or auburn...but those are sort of created during college. I didn't grow up disliking teams....certain teams are easy to hate. It's hard for me to believe but some folks honestly cannot stand Bama. Shocking, but sadly true. They are soo missing out, but it is their loss.

Getting back to the point.....I have THE BEST reason of ALL. PERIOD. To hate the cocks. Yes, YES I do. So don't hate me, it's a DAMN good reason!

I had no idea the carolina gamecocks even existed until i met my ex-hus...cannot even finish that word because he soooo did not act like one. He was a pig-faced JERK!

Anyhoo, he and his ENTIRE family were the most raging gamecock fans ever. And i mean EVER. Like super annoying EVER. Like I'd rather scrape my bare ass along the pavement instead of hanging around with them while they talk about how awesome the cocks COULD be,...EVER. I was dragged to every freaking football game, it was misery. Like skiing on a river of fire in hell would be more fun than going to those tailgates. And when lou holtz came to town, it was, uh, I lack the proper words for how ridiculous it really was.

So perhaps, unfairly, I cast my hatred towards those cocks. BUT, turns out for the best because my real hubby (who rocks my world he is so awesome) has a brother who BLEEDS ORANGE. So I pull for Clemson. Gladly. When they aren't playing any other team I love.

Now that we have that out of the way we can move on to better things. Love and hugs to my gamecock friends...I might have liked the place had it not been directly tied to the ex!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

You can't choose your neighbors but you can choose to ignore them

To the extent that I am irritated I have also had a really good laugh about our little old neighborhood.  Most of the time, we go about our business. Running errands, taking the kids to the park or zoo, mowing the yard, paying some dude to spray for bugs. We have the occasional issue with annoying teens, but who doesn't? Teens can be, at times, pretty annoying. But more often than the teens, it is their parents that are actually most annoying.

We have been doing a ton of work, to the outside of our home. It's a total pain in the ass. I cannot, at this point in time, even fathom touching the inside. But, to have our "neighbors" call the police because of the small dumpster out in front of our house, is simply sad.

The breakdown of the neighborhood has happened. it is gone. Gone forever.

Part of me thought, you know what, I'll bring over some pineapple cake to them. And tell them, here's the deal, when someone lobs a pineapple your way, normally you'd duck, grab it and throw it back. But this one hit the back of our head. So I made this cake with it. But the next time you toss a pineapple our way, we won't give it back to you as a cake...

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, some of my friends may wonder why I decided to go out on a "limb" and join Thirty-One as an Independent Consultant. I sold Arbonne, years ago, but it was a blink of an eye, so expensive and honestly, really bored me. Sorry, it just did. There was so much junk to sell and it really isn't everyone's cup of tea. I think I still have samples somewhere around the house. The stuff is okaygood, but it was expensive and frankly, there is better skincare and makeup out there...like bare minerals and everyday diva! :) But I digress...

OK, Thirty-One is my little part time job. I LOVE bags, storage ideas and monogramming. BUT, I am sooooooo impressed with this company. It is small, there aren't a lot of sales reps, like 6,000 in the entire country. I think there are 900 in SC, so we have the most. And compared to other direct sales companies, it's a drop in the bucket. Get in now, at the bottom floor, and you can go where ever you want to go.

Me? I really don't care about that. I mean, the extra cash is nice, but in no way is that something we need. I needed to feel useful, to feel like I wasn't on some island, alone with my kids. And I love being a part of a company that is positive, life affirming and supportive to women. And, the stuff they make is so modern, fresh and AWESOME! LOL! As a longtime sales rep and a working gal until I was 35, it's hard to all of a sudden stop. But I did. And I am very grateful for the ability to do so. But a girl still needs some social time and a way to expand herself.

So, when I had my first party, it felt amazing. Everything clicked. I had a blast helping women with their purchases and gifts. FUN! I loved it! It didn't feel like sales, it didn't feel like work. It just made me feel good.

Thirty-One times over I made the right choice to be a part of something that is fun, worthwhile and novel. If, at some point, it is not fun for me, then I will move on...but I will STILL have awesome bags! LOL!!!


Don't be scared to try something new, step out of your box, or supplement your income. This is a super company and the start up cost is $99. Seriously. No regrets!

Now, it's off to bed. I'm TIRED!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mama Bears & Parents Who Don't Bother to Parent

There is nothing that brings out the fury in me more than my child being hurt by another. And not to worry,  I get really damn mad when he hurts someone else's child.  But isn't that what good parents feel? Fury when their baby is hurt and frustration or disappointment when they hurt another?!?

I admit it, I am a MAMA BEAR. I will always protect my little ones. But, here's the thing, sometimes I feel like I have to be this way because of other parents who refuse to parent. Simply said and simply sad.

Sometimes it is just a tired parent with too much to do, too many kids to watch or not enough sleep. You can see it in their eyes. And, as soon as they realize or are told what their little monster did, they take immediate action. I'm okay with that because it happens to us all.

Other times it is a parent who would rather socialize and pretend as if they did not even bring a child or children with them. Those are the people who really tick me off. Usually it's the parents of kids who are entirely out of control, super sneaky, or just plain mean. I try like hell to avoid situations with parents who are like this but we all know they are everywhere. If you are one of those parents. please STOP! Come on, you have such a short time with your little monsters. Enjoy it before it goes away and you really do have time to enjoy sipping your cocktail and ignoring kids for realz...

Even worse is when one parent ignores their kids while the other poor parent is left to watch the entire brood. Really? Why have kids if you are just going to ignore them? And please get over the old idea of the wife doing everything all the time. It's selfish and stupid.

As parents we try our best but we aren't going to be perfect. There is simply no such thing. The best we can do is give our kids a lot of love, quality attention and time. And, of course, be the people that we want them to grow up to be. That means behave the way we want them to behave. And seriously expect them to treat others with respect and kindness. And if they do not, work to adjust and alter their behavior.

It is so tough being a parent these days. Spank, don't spank, yell, don't yell, they should be reading by 1, be an olympic athlete by 5! I am so tired of all the damn books, behavior experts and judgmental people. Every child is different and every child needs a different approach.

The only absolute? Well, beating your child or yelling at your child is prolly not gonna help at all. I will pop my son on the bottom when he runs out into the road. I do not see anything wrong with that. But I don't think a child needs to be spanked for everything thing he or she does. That is extreme.

Maybe it is the extremes of parenting that annoy me. In psychology that is actually not considered a healthy or good thing. We must see that there is gray area, everything is not black and white.

Parenting is the same. It is a fluid motion much like dancing where we should sometimes respond to our partner and other times take a step before our partner.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer Reading

Ok, so I haven't had a whole lotta time for reading lately. Magazines are about all I can muster the time for, and usually while trying to fall asleep. But there are so many good books out and I have decided to start a wish list for myself. I have a girl's trip lined up for June and I am ready to READ! LOL! Can you believe that? No, not ready to party. Ready to lay on a beach, not have someone screaming for me, and READ a whole damn book. Or ten.

So, I love the Twilight Series. If you have not read these little gems, please do. They aren't just for teen girls. They are written by a woman, who is genius at creating words that help bring a book into vivid color.  The characters have depth, heart and there isn't a whole lot of what you'd expect out of a vampire novel series. Surprise yourself and read them-you will like them despite your judgments.  It focuses on love and relationships and tough choices we all have to make.

She has a short novella out now about one of the characters-it's on my summer reading list for sure.  But order the Twilight series, read it and thank me later for telling you to. LOL!

Another read for my wish list is "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. I heard one gal say she didn't want the book to end. Enough said! 

I also want to read the Stieg Larsson trilogy which includes "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

I'm curious about what else is on everyone's list to read, or maybe what you are currently reading. Looking to have a giant stack of books, or a loaded Kindle, for my trip this summer!