Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why I dislike the cocks..this is serious business people

So lots of folks dislike teams for one reason or another.  I cannot stand the gaytors, or auburn...but those are sort of created during college. I didn't grow up disliking teams....certain teams are easy to hate. It's hard for me to believe but some folks honestly cannot stand Bama. Shocking, but sadly true. They are soo missing out, but it is their loss.

Getting back to the point.....I have THE BEST reason of ALL. PERIOD. To hate the cocks. Yes, YES I do. So don't hate me, it's a DAMN good reason!

I had no idea the carolina gamecocks even existed until i met my ex-hus...cannot even finish that word because he soooo did not act like one. He was a pig-faced JERK!

Anyhoo, he and his ENTIRE family were the most raging gamecock fans ever. And i mean EVER. Like super annoying EVER. Like I'd rather scrape my bare ass along the pavement instead of hanging around with them while they talk about how awesome the cocks COULD be,...EVER. I was dragged to every freaking football game, it was misery. Like skiing on a river of fire in hell would be more fun than going to those tailgates. And when lou holtz came to town, it was, uh, I lack the proper words for how ridiculous it really was.

So perhaps, unfairly, I cast my hatred towards those cocks. BUT, turns out for the best because my real hubby (who rocks my world he is so awesome) has a brother who BLEEDS ORANGE. So I pull for Clemson. Gladly. When they aren't playing any other team I love.

Now that we have that out of the way we can move on to better things. Love and hugs to my gamecock friends...I might have liked the place had it not been directly tied to the ex!