Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tranny Shoes

Well, for a long time now, I've been wearing flats. My pregnancies are to blame. No one in their right mind can teeter on heels while carrying a 20lb load on their front side.

But enough is enough. I'm sick of wearing flat shoes. running shoes. flip flops. SICK. It's not that there isn't a place for such shoes. I still wear them on a daily basis. But only because I HAVE to.

You know, chasing babies is much harder in heels than in flats. Boring yucky flats.

So I was on facebook, and an ad came up for this shoe site. It looked interesting to me. So I checked it out. A shoe of the month club. Whatdayaknow! How cool is this?!

So, I joined. When do I get the chance to even shop for shoes, other than at Target, anymore??

The shoe site is called, wait for it, Shoedazzle. The name is even cheesy. Shoe Dazzle. And wait until you see all the tranny shoes that await your feet! They copy designer shoes and also have some other brand. I think it's Michael Antonio. Anyhoo, I got a pair the other week that are a knockoff of Louboutian. And they look better than the CB version. Seriously.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. I am now addicted to buying extremely high heels from Shoedazzle. Tranny shoes, as I like to call them. I know that high heels and platforms are actually very much in style right now. But, at first it seemed, I don't poor taste...buying such high ass tranny shoes. Now, I love them and cannot stop.

I will attach pictures at some later time. But dear lord in heaven, I have a serious tranny shoe problem.

Their facebook page is hysterical. If I want a good laugh, reading that fan page will bring me one every darn time. It's hard to describe to a guy- but as a girl, there are things that bring out the meow in us-men, other women and fashion.

Most of the shoes are not real leather-which I suppose would be a bonus if you are a vegan. I'm not, but it's what keep them cheap as shiz. And, they are shoes you won't see everywhere. Because they are TRANNY SHOES!!!!! Ok, they really aren't tranny shoes, they ARE very sexy.

Here's the thing. Your man will love to see you in them. Seriously. High heels elevate your jeans and little cute top to an all new level. But not any shoes. SEXY TRANNY SHOES! Trust me on this ladies, really.

If you are bored with your closet, go to that site, fill out the little questionnaire, and see what sorts of tranny shoes you get. They will send you new choices each month-so it's like a party in your email inbox every month! Whoopeee!!! If you don't like the choices you get, you can get a new set of choices sent to you. I have two accounts-via two emails so I get twice the tranny shoe fun each month.

You may think that I have lost my mind. But I am just tired of feeling and looking like a frumpyblah mommy. So having these tranny shoes makes me feel like that side of me, that hotgoingouthavingfun side of me isn't dead and gone, just hibernating.

And then, when we get a sitter to watch the kids, I pick out a pair of tranny shoes and teeter happily out the door holding on for dear life to my hubby.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skin Care by BB*Jayde and The Everyday Diva: - April Giveaway -

Skin Care by BB*Jayde and The Everyday Diva: - April Giveaway -

woohoo! love love love! What an awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone!

check out her store too!!! see my reviews below-more to come-she has new scents out and I want to try them all!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reviews of Some of The Everyday Diva Products

So far I have purchased the acne wash, the healing lotion, the BHA acne treatment, the vitamin c serum, a brown sugar facial scrub, the green french clay mask, a sugary pink grapefruit scrub in cube form, a few body washes, a few body sprays and a few ultra body butters. I love all of them. She also sent me testers of the AHA mini-peel. love!

Let me begin by saying that she (the owner) has a SUPER price point and uses exceptional quality ingredients that are safe and she avoids all the yucky, unsafe crappy junk most skin companies use today. I'd go check out her blog-she is listed in my favorites.

The acne wash has multiple ingredients to help cleanse the skin and also heal and treat acne. I've been using it for a month now. I use it twice a day (unless I decide to just use the scrub at night). It smells great to me and has a nice silky feel on the skin. It has a great lather and makes my skin feel soft. I have odd skin that is dry in some areas and then, of course, oily in my t-zone with those lovely hormonal chin breakouts. I am not sure how it is on makeup-but I don't wear a lot of makeup unless I go out and it's mineral makeup. So the few times I have worn makeup I have used my philosophy cleanser and then followed up with the acne wash. But I'm thinking a good facial wipe would work too.

The Healing Lotion is amazing. I use it twice a day, after my Vitamin C serum in the am and after either the aha mini-peel or BHA acne serum in the pm. First, it actually has ingredients that heal skin-our yucky acne prone old skin! It is a super lotion under my mineral makeup, but it also provides me enough moisture to keep my dry parts feeling undry and my oily parts not greasy up like a roadside oil slick. I love this and cannot say enough good things about it, but I have finally found a lotion that works on my skin and doesn't break me out.

The Vitamin C serum is amazing as well. It has all the ingredients we need to protect our skin but doesn't have any of the chemicals that are bad for us. Her site on goes into more about the actual ingredients. What I want to tell you is: I use it all over my face, neck and chest, including dabbing some under my eyes. It leaves a nice smooth silky feel on my skin. I follow with the healing lotion. Done-my skin is looking better and better.

The BHA acne Treatment is another serum I use but at night. It is thicker than the Vit C serum but dries down and sinks into my skin very well. I love this and although it could prolly dry out some folks skin, it doesn't get a chance to with mine bc I use the healing lotion afterwards-which helps out. It is so nice to finally have a weapon for aging skin with breakouts! Some people might smell the tea tree oil, I don't. But I also use full strength tea tree oil on cuts and pimples. LOVE!

I recently purchased her Vegan Lactic Acid Brown Sugar Scrub with Lavender. WHOA. AWESOMENESS in a jar!!!!! It gives all these products an extra kick. I love that it actually dissolves (the teeny grains of sugar) so you cannot over-do the scrubadubbing your face. It lathers up well and smell so yummy. Afterwards my skin looks like a baby's butt, pores are gone and I am all glowy.

I love the green french clay mask. LOVE. You take the dry powder, mix w some water in your hand and rub it on your face-let it dry and when you wash it off-it washes all the junk in your pores right down the drain. How easy was that?? LOL! Love this and how it makes my skin glow and my pores go bu-bye!

The sample of the aha-mini peel has been a much appreciated one! It's another key to getting that glowy skin back-not sure what's in it but whatever it is, when I use it at night and wake up the next day-I look like I actually slept. I will be buying a full size one from EDD when the sample is gone! LOVE!

Now-all her body washes, scrubs and body butters are simply flawless. My body skin is typically very dry, as I age it seems to just get drier. Good stuff. I won't go into detail about what's in them-you can get that info on her blog or store! They make me smell great, keep my skin feeling soft and that's all you need to know! LOL! I like her Hot Tropic one-it smells like a fruity drink! And I am obsessed with my most recent purchase of a pink sugar/creamy coconut combo. I have that in a body spray and body butter. It may sound cloy but once it starts to dry down, it is the yummiest smell EVER. Of course, if you do not like sugary scents, she has TONS to choose from. I am planning to try Bamboo next! All of the crubs, whether in a jar or cube form are fantastic-they foam up and scrub and clean without drying or being an oily mess!!!

But again, ALL of her items have no nasty chemical bad for you junk. AND her price point is so low it almost makes me go giddy when I shop her site! She donates to animal charities and she is starting a shelter for abused animals, Sammy's Sanctuary. This is one nice couple, doing great things for my skin AND for animals! It's a win win ladies!

I hope you will try her products. I have been so happy with mine I am tossing out all of my junk in the bathroom!!!!
You can find her store by going to and searching "The Everyday Diva Co"

Somedays I Really WANT To Be Proven Wrong! Today is One of THOSE Days.

For all of our sakes and wallets, I pray that this insane "Healthcare Bill" actually does some good for all of us and does not further break our broken middle class. The congress and senate majority scare me to death-they are giddy with power right now and doing all they can to make the middle class all but disappear into a sea of taxes.
How much more do they think we should HAND out to people? Really?

Affordable healthcare is one thing and I AGREE.

But there are better ways to go about doing this. And devouring small businesses barely surviving the current recession with more taxes, requirements and demands is ludicrous. And not in the rapper turned tv dude sort of way.

I'm am so deeply saddened by what this is doing to our country. Dividing people. Making us all so angry. And the sad thing is the people making the laws and bills do not have on iota of understanding of the deep implications on our future. And they are not being subjected to this bill they put their OWN version of their medical benefits, that we will pay for of course, in this bill. Republicans tried to get that changed so that if the bill was turned into law that they would have the same healthcare options as other citizens. They tried for us peeps. Didn't happen of course because pelosi, aka Satan's Wife, wanted nothing to do with any compromise.

Look at what has not worked in the world....socialized medicine is right up there with slavery, communism, perms and disco.

Monday, March 22, 2010

World's Easiest Dinner...EVER

I got this recipe from my friend, Liza, and the lady knows good food. It seems almost too simple but it is great. I grab two packages of (raw, uncooked-hello)chicken tenders and a bottle of Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauce, throw it all in a crockpot and set it on a low heat for four hours-basically until the chicken is cooked. Take the chicken out, shred it up and add it back to the sauce. At this point I am usually transferring to a storage container for the next day's meal.

The sauce is fat free people. FAT FREE. Or almost. But it's not the fullonfattycrap like most wing sauces.

I throw it on tortilla chips with shredded cheese, sliced jalepenos-add a lil sour cream-yummy goodness awaits.

You can wrap it up in a tortilla with some lettuce, green peppers, onions and lite ranch dressing.

I also buy the soft sub rolls at Publix and throw the shredded chicken on there with a tiny bit of lite ranch dressing, shredded cheese and some green peppers-toast it up-so so good.

The chicken will last thru many meals for two people and it is just so easy, cheap and goooooood.


I guess I should admit freely for all to know that I have been a product junkie for a long time now. Beauty products, that is. The problem is, as I age I want to address it, but then whatever I would use would make my pores clog and make me breakout. So, off I would go from product to product, searching for something that would clean my skin, make it glow and maybe help with the lines and such.

I found my makeup years ago-been using Bare Escentuals and I highly recommend it to all except those with super dry skin. But even their skin care products didn't quite do it for me.

So, after stumbling across an store under the name of The Every Day Diva, I decided to try out a few of the products. It was so well-priced and all of the products are produced by hand, with attention to detail and quality ingredients. Let me tell ya, I was blown away. I have never used products for as long as I have used EDD-a month now. I know that sounds crazy short but you must understand, everything was breaking me out! My skin has gone thru one cycle without the usual hormonal breakouts. I have a glow, my skin feels soft and the price is right.
I also use her body products. I will do a full length review of each product later, but for anyone wanting to turn their skin around while, at the same time, avoiding all the crappy ingredients that are out there, this line is for you.

More Sunshine PLEASE!

You know, it's funny to me that just a short year ago we were all praying for rain, doing rain dances, glaring at neighbors that watered their grass and hearing doomsday forecasts from who knows who about our lake levels being so low we didn't know when they'd be up again. NOW, my backyard could provide enough water for an entire African nation and a Mardi Gras morning after party. Seriously. What the hell am I supposed to do with my babies when it's so crappy outside??? Right now one is attempting a nap and the other one is practicing spelling words right now. I am sick of the cold and rain-go away! Until we need you again, after my neighbors use up all the water on their crappy grass.