Monday, March 22, 2010


I guess I should admit freely for all to know that I have been a product junkie for a long time now. Beauty products, that is. The problem is, as I age I want to address it, but then whatever I would use would make my pores clog and make me breakout. So, off I would go from product to product, searching for something that would clean my skin, make it glow and maybe help with the lines and such.

I found my makeup years ago-been using Bare Escentuals and I highly recommend it to all except those with super dry skin. But even their skin care products didn't quite do it for me.

So, after stumbling across an store under the name of The Every Day Diva, I decided to try out a few of the products. It was so well-priced and all of the products are produced by hand, with attention to detail and quality ingredients. Let me tell ya, I was blown away. I have never used products for as long as I have used EDD-a month now. I know that sounds crazy short but you must understand, everything was breaking me out! My skin has gone thru one cycle without the usual hormonal breakouts. I have a glow, my skin feels soft and the price is right.
I also use her body products. I will do a full length review of each product later, but for anyone wanting to turn their skin around while, at the same time, avoiding all the crappy ingredients that are out there, this line is for you.


  1. Thanks Gina for introducing me to these products! I have bought her mini peel, daily moisturizer and sugar scrub. I am hooked!! It is the best smelling yummy goodness around and opening that jar and snifffff is enough alone to purchase them!! Thanks for the tip! They are a hubby/wife team I believe. They are chemists and know what they are talking about! Great stuff!!!!!!!!! I look forward to more tips from you!! Ps-did you like the muffins today?

  2. I actually ate everything in the bag you gave to me already! I shared a muffin with P who loved it! You rock! Thank you!!! I'm full now...

  3. Gina, do you have a link to this product line? I'm using the dregs of what is in my drawer now and my skin is a MESS! Bare Essentials doesn't give me enough coverage. Gotta mask some dark circles I've had since birth and newly arrived crows feet. Total misfit party on my face!

  4. Just spent $100 on more products from EDDCo!! Can't wait to have a party in my shower. I could spend hours using her stuff! I will let you know how i like each one...

  5. YAY! I have ordered so much stuff from her! MARY-You'll have to tell me what you ordered from her thursday nite! Stacy-if you go to my facebook page I posted a link up and it will take you to her store. Makeup wise I was planning on doing a coverup blog bc that is such a hassle!