Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby decides not to nap...life takes an interesting turn

Peyton has had a rough few months. Sick most of February. Teething those big molar teeth the little ones get near two. It sucks. Now she is in the middle of another fever, possibly teething and now deciding to take 30 minute naps. Oh, and she has been falling asleep at 8pm. Waking at 9pm and crying for several hours, while we take turns rocking her. Until she wears us out and we let her cry. Then she falls asleep about 1130. Did I say that I need a nap yet? Because I really do.

Somewhere in all of this I am supposed to lose these last 10 lbs from having this gorgeous baby who is now almost two. Decrease my sugar intake. Decrease my coffee intake. Increase my workouts. Decrease my fat intake (well bad fats not good fats...whatever), decrease my wrinkles, increase my skins luminosity, decrease my cellulite, increase my energy, decrease my salt, increase my sex drive and raise my kids in a green, clean environment with nothing but berries nuts and bark to eat all day (that I have dug for myself in our very own nut berry barley garden) that uses compost from our kitchen while making playdough from scratch and teaching them good manners and how to make a homemade kite.

Think I'll go finish the rest of those Trader Joe's Vermont Maple Cookies and go take a nap.