Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Somedays I Really WANT To Be Proven Wrong! Today is One of THOSE Days.

For all of our sakes and wallets, I pray that this insane "Healthcare Bill" actually does some good for all of us and does not further break our broken middle class. The congress and senate majority scare me to death-they are giddy with power right now and doing all they can to make the middle class all but disappear into a sea of taxes.
How much more do they think we should HAND out to people? Really?

Affordable healthcare is one thing and I AGREE.

But there are better ways to go about doing this. And devouring small businesses barely surviving the current recession with more taxes, requirements and demands is ludicrous. And not in the rapper turned tv dude sort of way.

I'm am so deeply saddened by what this is doing to our country. Dividing people. Making us all so angry. And the sad thing is the people making the laws and bills do not have on iota of understanding of the deep implications on our future. And they are not being subjected to this bill either...as they put their OWN version of their medical benefits, that we will pay for of course, in this bill. Republicans tried to get that changed so that if the bill was turned into law that they would have the same healthcare options as other citizens. They tried for us peeps. Didn't happen of course because pelosi, aka Satan's Wife, wanted nothing to do with any compromise.

Look at what has not worked in the world....socialized medicine is right up there with slavery, communism, perms and disco.

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