Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, some of my friends may wonder why I decided to go out on a "limb" and join Thirty-One as an Independent Consultant. I sold Arbonne, years ago, but it was a blink of an eye, so expensive and honestly, really bored me. Sorry, it just did. There was so much junk to sell and it really isn't everyone's cup of tea. I think I still have samples somewhere around the house. The stuff is okaygood, but it was expensive and frankly, there is better skincare and makeup out bare minerals and everyday diva! :) But I digress...

OK, Thirty-One is my little part time job. I LOVE bags, storage ideas and monogramming. BUT, I am sooooooo impressed with this company. It is small, there aren't a lot of sales reps, like 6,000 in the entire country. I think there are 900 in SC, so we have the most. And compared to other direct sales companies, it's a drop in the bucket. Get in now, at the bottom floor, and you can go where ever you want to go.

Me? I really don't care about that. I mean, the extra cash is nice, but in no way is that something we need. I needed to feel useful, to feel like I wasn't on some island, alone with my kids. And I love being a part of a company that is positive, life affirming and supportive to women. And, the stuff they make is so modern, fresh and AWESOME! LOL! As a longtime sales rep and a working gal until I was 35, it's hard to all of a sudden stop. But I did. And I am very grateful for the ability to do so. But a girl still needs some social time and a way to expand herself.

So, when I had my first party, it felt amazing. Everything clicked. I had a blast helping women with their purchases and gifts. FUN! I loved it! It didn't feel like sales, it didn't feel like work. It just made me feel good.

Thirty-One times over I made the right choice to be a part of something that is fun, worthwhile and novel. If, at some point, it is not fun for me, then I will move on...but I will STILL have awesome bags! LOL!!!

Don't be scared to try something new, step out of your box, or supplement your income. This is a super company and the start up cost is $99. Seriously. No regrets!

Now, it's off to bed. I'm TIRED!

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  1. I'm so interested in doing this on the side; I just have no idea how to get started and frankly don't know a lot of people here that would be interested in hosting parties. :-(